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Name: hebei black granite Category: Tombstone and Monument - Granite Tombstone Original: China Stone Type: Granite Stone Color: Black Surface Finish: Polished
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hebei black granite specification:

1. own black granite quarry

2. Stone factory manufacturer

3. No cracks, no veins, natural black

4. hebei black granite polished degree is over 100. Thickness tolerance: +-1mm

5. hebei black granite density: 3.1 ton/m3

Detailed information about hebei black granite:

1. Size: 30x30x1/2cm 60x60x1/2cm 30x60x2/3cm 120x60x2/3cm 180x60x2/3/4cm 240upx60x2/3cm

2. Feature: high quality, Low water absorption, no cracks

3. Finish: polish, honed, flamed. Bush-hammered

4. Tolerance: +-1mm, polish degree over 90

5. Packing: seaworthy wooded crates

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. Skype: alicestone6

hebei black granite


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