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An Son Corporation is a leading company specialized in exploiting, producing and exporting Vietnam white marble like white marble blocks, white marble floors, white marble tiles, green stone, stone basalt, slate, stone .... Founded in 1985, we quickly develop high with annual revenues from raw materials to finished products, from building products with a variety of new interior .

We have marble, basalt quarry of us. Stone processing equipment Our main imports from Italy and China. The capacity of our production and quality control systems to meet quality requirements in many customers around the world, quantity and competitive price. So we can offer you from small to large quantity required.

Son of a product has been exported to many countries in Europe, America, Asia ie Spain, Italy, Canada, Turkey, Turmenkistan, Uzbekistan, India, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia . With over 25 years of manufacturing and exporting natural stone products, we have extensive experience in packing, loading and transportation. We are committed to the best quality standards and export comprehensive meet the most demanding needs from the store to your region as the U.S., EU and other countries. Products, manufature, test and packaging to ISO Standard 2859-1 (AQL - Limits of acceptable quality).

We can provide you with all your special requirements and we understand what you want, will give you our products with the most appropriate way and focus on quality and price both to be able to compete with other plants in your water.

In the process of opening new markets, we are very pleased to welcome and serve all customers. All collaborative partners are very valuable and appreciated. Please see our website and if you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us at the address provided.
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