Original: India Stone Type: Marble Stone Color: Brown Surface Finish: Polished
Price: 45 / 45 Min.: 300 M2 Port: Mundra Like Vote Comment


Natural Stone
Very suitable for internal applications like paving, stairs, worktops, decorative etc. Not recommended for outdoor applcations.

Size: Available in Slabs, Tiles, Blocks and custom sizes.

Finish: Polished: to achieve stronger colours and accentuate the natural veins and structure. Honed: a soft finish for a rustic look Antique: a softly brushed, rolling surface accentuates the natural colour of the stone.

General Properties
Shades of colour, granulometry present. Very thin open veins and spots
Small holes, microcracks appear naturally

Origin: Rajasthan, India
Classification: Metamorphic Rock
Appearance: Brown background with white veins
Also known as: Bidasar Brown Marble, Forest Brown Marble.

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