Original: India Stone Type: Marble Stone Color: Green Surface Finish: Polished
Price: 52 / 52 Min.: 300 M2 Port: Mundra Like Vote Comment
Rain Forest Green Marble
Rain Forest Green Marble


Natural Stone

Very suitable for internal applications like paving, stairs, worktops, decorative etc. Not recommended for outdoor applcations.

Size: Available in Slabs, Tiles, Blocks and custom sizes.

Finish: Polished: to achieve stronger colours and accentuate the natural veins and structure. Honed: a soft finish for a rustic look Antique: a softly brushed, rolling surface accentuates the natural colour of the stone.

General Properties
Shades of colour, granulometry present. Very thin open veins and spots
Small holes, microcracks appear naturally

Origin: Rajasthan, India
Classification: Metamorphic Rock
Appearance: Green background with white veins

Also known as: Bidasar Green Marble, Rain Forest Green Marble, Fancy Green Marble, Forest Green Marble , Green Multicolor Marble, Mirage Green Marble, Picasso Green Marble, Radhika Green Marble, Splendore Serata Marble.

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